Why Become a Referee?

A youth soccer referee is a great first job with many benefits. If you/your child are at least 14 years old and looking for a great first job, read on.

A youth soccer referee is a great first job for young people

  • Make great money with a flexible schedule: Where else can a 14-year-old make $20- $30 an hour with a flexible schedule? Games are only on weekends and don’t interfere with schoolwork. And there is no commitment. if you are busy some weekends, no problem.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility: Making a commitment and showing up for work is great for developing a sense of responsibility. Referees have to learn the laws of the game and proper mechanics. They are accountable for player safety. And with the schedule flexibility and limited commitment, being a referee is a great place for a young person to start to learn to be responsible and accountable.
  • Gain confidence and leadership experience: Referees have to show up at the field, confidently greet the adult coaches, speak with the players, and show confidence and composure. And then they have to make decisions, including mistakes, that some folks will disagree with. It is a safe place to build their self-confidence, leadership, and resilience.
  • It is really fun: If your child loves soccer, they might actually love being a referee. It is easy to get started but many referees like the process of trying to improve as a referee, learning the finer points of the craft, and taking on more challenging games.

How do I become a referee?

The process of becoming a referee is as follows:

  1. Follow this link, create an account and enroll in the referee course titled “New Grassroots Referee – Entry Level”. This 4-hour course is primarily about the Laws of the Game and will certify a ref for youth games in Massachusetts. Once this course is completed, Natick Soccer Club will receive a notice of their credentials and reach out to explain the next steps.
  2. Once the ref completes the certification course, they will be invited to another brief course (probably about an hour-long) about Natick-specific detail such as league-specific rules, how to get assignments, what to do after a game, etc.)
  3. Once the ref has their official credentials and has attended the Natick-specific class, they will be in our system and will start receiving game assignments. New referees typically start with intramural games, but part of the fun is the process of improving and taking on more challenging games as they grow as a referee.
  4. In addition to credentials, new refs will need to have an official kit sold at Official Sports. A 7 Piece Starter Kit is perfect for new referees. New for the fall 2020 season, referees will be required to wear a mask and use an electronic whistle which can be purchased here.

For more information contact Caleb Munson at NatickRefs@NatickSoccer.org