Volunteer Requirements

Natick Soccer Club has about 1700 players and over 250 coach/asst coach/parent manager volunteers.  We appreciate the time and dedication to helping our young members have a positive experience and ask that our volunteers help us to ensure the safety of our members by following these simple steps to be fully credentialed as a volunteer.  Please understand we are complying with either laws, MYSA or BAYS policies by asking this of our volunteers.  NSC only assigns head coaches and it is their responsibility to ensure assistant coaches or parent managers have contacted the Travel or Intramural coordinators and completed the volunteer steps in order to participate.

ALL steps are to be completed by ALL Volunteers in order to receive a coach card (travel) or be assigned to a roster.   

  1. Volunteer in Adminsports Registration System
    1. Login to Adminsports Registration Account
    2. Next to the child you wish to coach, click “Volunteer”
    3. Complete all required form questions
  2. Complete CORI form
    1. Visit MSYA CORI SAFE Link
    2. Notify your Travel or Intramural Coordinator this is complete – we will verify as it may take several days to go thru the system
  3. Provide color copy of drivers license
    1. Make a copy, take a photo or whatever is easier
    2. Send to your Travel or Intramural Coordinator
  4. Complete Concussion Education
    1. Take the 30 minute online course, complete the quiz and print to pdf or a printer your certficate of completion
    2. Send your certfiicate to your Travel or Intramural Coordinator