Concussion Guidelines

Adopted August 1, 2012

Natick Soccer Club has made a strong commitment to the safety of our players at all ages and levels.  To assist our coaches, parents and players in the important area of player safety, including but not limited to concussions, Natick Soccer Club has adopted the following safety guidelines:

Throughout the course of a game or practice, a player may suffer trauma to the head and/or body which can cause symptoms or signs of concussion or other injury.  In such a situation, the coach will have discretion as to whether the player may return to play during the remainder of the game or practice. Subsequently, the player and his/her family should seek the opinion of a healthcare professional prior to the player returning to play in a future game or practice.  While each situation will be handled on a case by case basis, it is Natick Soccer Club’s recommendation that a player not return to action until medical authorization from a healthcare professional is received.

In accordance with BAYS rules (, Natick Soccer Club requires all coaches to complete a mandatory concussion training course.  In addition, Natick Soccer Club has worked diligently to offer training to our players, coaches and parents in areas such as concussion awareness, CPR, choking, and general first-aid.  Please feel free to review the following links for additional information on concussions and other sports related injuries.