The Natick Soccer Club intramural program is a town-based recreational program open to children in Grade 1 to Grade 4. Players are assigned to teams with one weekday practice and games on Saturdays. The program runs in both the fall and spring seasons.

  • Practice Days: Two weekday options for each grade/gender that vary from season to season – see registration page for specifics for current season
  • Fall game dates:  Mid-September – Early November with no games on Indigenous People/Columbus Day weekend
  • Spring game dates:  Mid-April – Early June with no games on Memorial Day weekend
  • Games locations: played Saturday mornings or early afternoons
    • Grade 1 games are at Bennet Hemenway Elementary School
    • Grade 2 games are at Wilson Middle School or Murphy Field
    • Grade 3/4 games are at Cole Center or Memorial Elementary School
  • Cost: $135 per season.
  • Jerseys: Reversible jerseys can be purchased at the Natick Outdoor Store (same jerseys are used each season).
  • Eligibility: Participants must be in Grade 1 through Grade 4 and be residents of Natick

Players in Grade 3 and Grade 4 play in a combined league while players in Grade 1 and Grade 2 each play in a single grade league.  Registration for the fall season is held the previous spring and registration for the spring season is usually held the previous fall.

In late spring, the Grade 3 and Grade 4 teams are invited to participate in the annual spring Jamboree.  This is a fun tournament-style 1-day event played in Natick.

Intramural FAQs:

1. What are the age requirements for intramural soccer?

Natick Soccer Club follows Boston Area Youth Soccer (BAYS) age requirements for both travel and intramural soccer. Intramural players should register with the grade they are entering in the fall of the school year they are registering to play in.  Please see the BAYS website for more details here.

2. Who decides which team my child will play on?
The Natick Soccer Club designates members of the Board as Intramural Directors Age Group Coordinators (AGC) to coordinate and manage the activities of each age group. Team formation is the responsibility of the age specific AGC who will rely upon coaches’ evaluations, the Intramural Director AGC’s own observations, and the observations of other Soccer Board members during the season.
3. How are intramural teams formed?

It is always the intent of the Intramural Director to assign players in such a way that all teams will be balanced, meaning there is a mix of talents and skills. Teams are NOT formed by neighborhood or which school the child attends. Beyond the objective of learning the game of soccer, this also provides an opportunity to meet new friends from different schools.

4. Can I request the team/coach I want my child to play on/for?

Due to the large number of players involved in the program and significant number of requests received, we are unable to accommodate all of them.  We appreciate your flexibility.

5. Will my child be on the same team in the spring as he/she was in the fall?

The intramural program plays two separate seasons – fall and spring.  Our goal is to mix up the teams each season.  New players entering the program are assigned to teams on a random basis.

6. How will I know what team my child is on?

Players will be notified of their team and practice times from their coach approximately one week prior to the start of the season. In the event a player has not been reached by the coach, the player should contact the age specific Intramural Director.

7. If my child's game is canceled, will there be a make-up game?

There are no make-ups if games are canceled due to weather or other reasons. However, teams are welcome to scrimmage each other midweek without a referee.

8. How much playing time will my child get?

Equal playing time is to be given to all players participating in the intramural program.

9. I registered my child late. Will he/she still be on a team?

Registration closes to allow Intramural Directors AGCs sufficient time to form teams, schedule games and coordinate the upcoming season. It is VERY important to get an accurate player count as soon as possible as even a few extra players can change the number of teams in an age group, as well as the number of players on each team. Late registrations are assessed a late fee, placed on a waitlist, and accommodated whenever possible. It is our goal to involve as many children as possible, but sometimes rosters are full.

10. Where are the games played?

All intramural games are played on fields within the town of Natick.

11. What are the playing formats?
  • Grade 1 plays a 4v4 format using pug goals and no goalies.  Coaches serve as referees.
  • Grade 2 plays a 5v5 format with a goalie and a referee.
  • Grade 3/4 plays a 7v7 format with a goalie and a referee.