Natick Soccer Statement in Support of Our AAPI Community

Please join the Natick Soccer Club in standing up and speaking out against acts of hatred, bigotry and violence.  On and off the soccer field, we stand in partnership with members of our Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community to combat the hatred and racism which they have increasingly experienced over the last year.  Across the country, the AAPI community has endured insults, microaggressions and outright aggression that have led to unspeakable acts against them.  Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 3,800+ incidents of anti-Asian violence and women have been disproportionately targeted.  Most recently, a single person killed eight people, including six Asian American women, at three different businesses in the Atlanta area. 

We stand in solidarity with the organizations that have made statements denouncing this violence and the racist rhetoric that encourages it.  We are committed to combating any affront to individuals’ dignity, safety and well-being.   

As members of the Natick Soccer Club, we ask that you help uphold these values on and off the field, in words and in actions.  Below are some valuable resources to help all of us continue to learn more about and support our AAPI community.