COVID-19 Guidelines (as of 8/23/21)

COVID-19 Guidelines (Updated as of 8/23/21)

Natick Soccer Club has updated our guidelines, restrictions, and procedures to ensure the safety of all players, coaches, referees, parents & visiting teams. These protocols follow guidance from the State of Massachusetts, Natick Department of Health (DOH), Mass. Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), and the Boston Area Youth Soccer League (BAYS).

As of MYSA’s last update on August 10, 2021, all Recommended Procedures and Protocols remain in place from the end of the Spring season.  At this time, it is expected that these COVID-19 Safety Protocol will continue into September 2021.

Current guidelines apply to all participants in Natick Soccer activities (players, coaches, refs and spectators).

Additional resources and FAQs are provided below.

Top 10 COVID-Safety Protocols:

1. Monitor Player Health

  • Take temperature daily.
  • Do not send child to soccer activities if they have any symptoms.
  • Notify your coach if child becomes sick.

2. Notify NSC of positive COVID tests or close contacts.

  • If a coach or player is diagnosed with COVID-19 or notified that they are a close contact, please notify NSC COVID Safety Officer, Heather Bonner.
  • If a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19 all team activities will be halted until the Natick DOH can be consulted for further direction. 
  • If a player or coach is contact traced and identified as a close contact in a setting other than a soccer related event, this should be reported to the COVID-19 Safety Officer by the coach or the player’s parent.  The player/coach is to follow the quarantine process provided to them by the Natick DOH and/or by the school nurse.  A player can return to soccer activities on the return date issued by DOH or their school.

3. Mask Protocol

  • Masks are not required for players when engaging in soccer activities. 
  • Players are not required to wear a mask outdoors while on the sidelines or in a huddle. 
  • At their parent’s discretion, players may continue to wear a mask while playing soccer.
  • Face coverings mean a face mask that completely covers the nose and mouth that secures behind the ears under EEA guidelines.

4. Spectator Limits

  • Spectators are permitted at NSC activites.   

5. Social distancing

  • Spectators should continue to allow for 6 feet of social distancing between family units.
  • Coaches should designate waiting zones for players on the bench.  

6. Sportsmanship should continue in a touchless manner.

  • No touching, hand-shakes, fist-bumps, etc.

7. Players & Coaches should practice proper hygiene

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Have your own hand sanitizer.

8. Contact Tracing

  • Coaches will take attendance for each practice session/game.

9. All teams must have a volunteer COVID-19 Safety Coordinator

  • Coordinator may be one of the assistant coaches.
  • Preference is for a non-coach parent from the team to volunteer.

10. Rules and guidelines may change throughout the season.

Some town, city and regional Boards of Health may impose more restrictive measures for facial coverings for participants and spectators. If so, these restrictions take precedence.

The purpose of the Natick Soccer Club is to promote and enhance the game of soccer for the youth of the Town of Natick. The club offers a variety of programs including Kinderkicks, intramural and town travel programs. These programs provide opportunities for participants to develop sportsmanship, learn about soccer and team play, and create a foundation for a lifelong enjoyment of athletics. With that in mind, please continue to be thoughtful and supportive of our parents, families and players who choose to continue to wear masks.  Masks may continue to be worn by any player during soccer activities at their parents’ discretion. 

Special note:

Some town, city and regional Boards of Health as well as leagues may impose more restrictive measures for facial coverings for participants and spectators. If so, these restrictions take precedence.

Contact Information

  • COVID-19 Safety Officer: Heather Bonner –
  • Natick Department of Health – (508) 647-6460
  • President: Reuben Ackerman –
  • Vice President: Ken Boggis –