Technical Training Centers for Teams

NSC Player and Coach Development Program

Natick Soccer is happy to offer a range of development programs for coaches and players. All aspects of the program are included in your registration fee. No additional costs apply so take advantage of these great opportunities to have fun and improve your game.  All training is staffed by professional coaches with age-appropriate curriculum designed to maximize player development goals.

For coaches and their teams

Team Technical Training Center (“Team TTCs”)

Whether you’ve never played soccer or have played the game for many years, you can be a great coach for young players. Come to our Team Technical Training Centers (TTCs) to see coaching best practices in action. Our Team TTCs are for coaches of varied experience to learn tips and tricks for running a great practice for young players. Our professional coaches have developed curriculum for each age group and will work with you and your team to ensure a great experience for players and coaches. You can come every week for the entire season or until you are comfortable on your own. Each session will be 45 minutes of technical training lead by our professional coaches with support from team coaches. Then the team coaches take over for the remainder of the session.

Team TTCs will utilize a curriculum designed to optimize player development focusing on fundamental techniques for dibbling, turning, running with the ball, feints and 1v1 moves, passing and receiving, and shooting and finishing.

To sign up for Team Technical Training Centers, email your age group coordinator or Neil Knapik at

Game Observations

Reading a game is a fun and important aspect of being a coach. Identifying the right “soccer problem” to solve can really improve player development by focusing on the highest priority needs for your players. Our Game Observation program provides a professional coach, a PDO from our partner GPS, to observe your games on Saturday and provide specific feedback on your team’s strengths and areas of development.

Engage with the PDO any way you choose. Some coaches find talking with the PDO during the run of play really helps identify the important moments and paint the picture of a particular problem. Other coaches would rather have the PDO observe from a distance and share their observations via email. As the coach, it is totally up to you. They are there to support you in any way that suits you.

Watch for an email to schedule your game observation.

For more information on Natick Soccer’s coach and player development opportunities as well as Team TTC and clinic schedules, please click here.