2019-2020 Travel Program Uniforms

All players participating in the travel program beginning with the 2019-2020 will need to purchase a new uniform at the Natick Outdoor Store.  Fittings will be done by grade per the schedule below.  Please DO NOT go to the Outdoor store prior to your assigned dates as there are several hundred players that need to be accommodated. 

Steps to order and fitting schedule is below. The cost of the new travel kit is $62 and includes a jersey, shorts and socks.

Families will need to select sizes, jersey number and pay for their uniforms at the time of the fittings at the Natick Outdoor Store:

  • Grade 3– Mon. July 15 – Tues. July 16 or after, until August 9
  • Grade 4– Wed. July 17 – Thurs. July 18 or after, until August 9
  • Grade 5– Fri. July 19 – Sat. July 20 or after, until August 9
  • Grade 6– Sun. July 21 – Tues. July 23 or after, until August 9
  • Grade 7/8– Wed. July 24 – Thurs. July 25 or after, until August 9

END DATE for all orders: Fri. August 9 to guarantee kit will arrive for start of the new season.

To Order a Uniform:

  1. Print & complete top portion of order form HERE.. Complete one form per player.
  2. Bring form to the Natick Outdoor Store no sooner than the date noted above for your player.  Players will be fitted and select a jersey number at that time.  Jersey numbers will be given out on a first come, first served basis. See note below regarding families with multiple-aged players.
  3. Payment of $62 is required to complete the order. ALL ORDERS must be in by August 9 to ensure delivery before first games.  No refunds or exchanges after orders are placed.
  4. NO PHONE ORDERS permitted until AFTER July 26. Uniforms must be paid by credit card if ordered over the phone.  In-person fittings are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED.  Sizes of these New Balance uniforms run very differently from the past uniform (Under Armour).  All sales are final at the time of order.  No refunds or exchanges permitted after that time. 

Families with multiple-aged players

Siblings of multiple ages will be permitted to be fitted and order their uniforms at same time, however, any sibling(s) in an age group that is listed to come in at a later date will not be allowed to choose a jersey number before their age group’s first fitting date.  They can call the Natick Outdoor Store on the first designated fitting date of their age group to select their jersey number at that time.